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Nikki Beach Barbados


Delicious. Sumptuous. Savory. Or just simply, “delightful’. Whatever words you use to describe great food, you’ll need lots of them as you taste your way through Barbados.


Let your Concierge assist since they know the local cusine.Barbados has fare to fit every budget, palate and ocassion. 


Private Chef: Is Elysium your luxury retreat? Not interested in leaving home? A personal chef will prepare exotic creations just for you and yours - let your Luxury Concierge take the lead.


What to Wear: The dress code for dinner in Barbados is conservative, casually elegant, and, occasionally, formal—a jacket and tie for gentlemen and a cocktail dress for ladies in the fanciest restaurants particularly during the winter holiday season. Jeans, shorts, and T-shirts (either sleeveless or with slogans) are always frowned upon at dinner. Beach attire is appropriate only at the beach.


Not to be missed:

Fishcakes, Macaroni pie,

Our National dish of Cou-cou and flying fish


Conversation starters are hiding in the nooks and crannies of these one-stop shops. Fill your home with sentimental pieces this year that not only evoke a sense of culture, but add a charming and well-traveled allure to your already beautiful abode.


Take a trip to the market on a sunny Sunday morning and try delectable treats that will have your tastebuds dancing to the sounds of Soca.


Take a trek to Earthworks Pottery and the artists along the highway on St. Mary's Row, then add these top 5 from The LuxeLife magazine!



We know that you know but one can't speak of Barbados

and not mention (brag) about our breathtaking views and white sandy beaches, blue waters beacked by coconut trees and tropical fauna.


Here are the simple steps to Beach-Bumming in Barbados:


1. Reserve Elysium


2. Book Your Flight


3. Arrive & enjoy


Attractions & Festivals

The fact that every year the British tabloids religiously stalk the likes of Simon Cowell and Rihanna living it large in Barbados, probably adds to the luxe destination fantasy. But a trip to Barbados actually needn’t be all about lazing on the beach or at your villa (unless you want it to be).



Naturalist will enjoy Harrison's Cave, an early morning hike with the National Trust or history buffs can visit over 7 museums  or have a period dinner at the only other known residence of George Washington!



Depending on the time of year there is Top Gear for the thrillseekers (May), Crop-Over - the greatest party on Earth August) Food, Rum & Wine Festival for the foodies ( Nov)


Bring extra travel shoes  and soon w'ell have you navigating the island like a true local.


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